Month: January 2014

Telia Stevens


Media Team Player

Telia is a 15 year old freshman at the Community Charter School of Cambridge. She is very excited about this semester at SCFG and at Mad Sci Mag and is willing to put in her all. Telia’s interests include writing, singing and watching anime! She believes every woman should be able to have equal chances in being in any type of work space and is excited for her future! She hopes everyone has a great time this semester and hopes to best of everyone.


Brendan Raftery

Brendan has been a mentor with the Science Club for Girls since 2011.  He graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in 2012, and currently works at Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company in Cambridge. Outside of work, Brendan enjoys reading, speed skating, and cycling. His two ultimate dreams are to speed skate through the frozen canals of the Netherlands, and to start a biotechnology company.

Gina Varamo


 Media Team Program Manager

Gina serves as the 2013-2014 AmeriCorps Massachusetts Promise Fellow at Science Club for Girls, and is program manager of the Media Team. She graduated from Emerson College in May 2013 with a degree in print & multimedia journalism, and a minor in environmental science and political science. She strongly believes in the power of communication, education, and engaging the community, making the Science Club for Girls Media Team a perfect fit! When not at Science Club, Gina loves hiking & being outside, gardening, cooking, board games & game shows, and working in her community.

Julia Burnett

Julia attends Buckingham, Browne, and Nichols high school (BB&N) in Cambridge, Massachusetts and resides in nearby Lexington, Massachusetts. In her free time, Julia enjoys reading, writing, spending time with loved ones, playing sports, and learning about science (in particular medicine and neuroscience). Julia is also an active member of her temple youth group, LEFTY, and school newspaper, The Vanguard. As a first year member of Science Club for Girls, Julia hopes to expand her world view and connect with like-minded girls. She hopes to use the knowledge and skills she gains at SCFG to found a science and math magazine at her school.

Giana Fischer

Giana goes to prospect hill academy and is in the science club for girls media team this is Giana’s first time with science club for girls. She likes to watch scary movies with her siblings. Giana does not play any sports because she is scared she will end up like her friend on crutches forever.

Victoria Fischer

My full name is Victoria Alexis Fischer. I am 15 year-old African American in my freshman year of high-school at Prospect Hill Academy. My birthday is November 27, 1998; making me a Sagittarius. I’m very optimistic, free-willing, adventurer, annoying, intelligent, and I like to try new things.I have a big family on both my mothers and fathers side. My favorite food is pepperoni pizza (fluffy thick crust, with tangy tomato sauce), my favorite desert is mint chocolate chip ice cream, my favorite candy is any milk chocolate with caramel inside, my favorite dinner is mashed potatoes, green beans with baked chicken breasts, my favorite color is hot pink, and finally, my favorite artist is Nicki Minaj. I like to listen to Hip-Hop and R&B the most but I also like to listen to pop and jazz music. I can speak {3rd level} Spanish and sing and write songs very skillfully (I’m currently writing two songs).

NASA Vies for Greenhouses on the Red Planet


Photo by Carrie Paterson (California State University) courtesy of National Geographic

As NASA looks toward Mars as the next Astronaut destination, officials are strongly advocating for greenhouses to play an important psychological and practical role in the lives of astronauts.

Greenhouses would allow astronauts to add fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet. This is not only good for their health, but an article in a recent issue of Acta Astronautica, researchers say tending to the plants will also act as a stress release, and big boost of morale. In an atmosphere that is all machines, computers, and cables, the greenery of plants adds an element of peace and relaxation to their space.

To read more about greenhouses in space, visit the original story on National Geographic.

As a gardner, this story really appealed to me. I imagine the quarters of the ISS or any other space habitat to be cramped, gray, overwhelming, and overall very stressful and depressing. I need a lot of sunlight and outside time, so I’m not sure if being an astronaut is really the right career path for me, but the idea of having plants makes it much more appealing. There is definitely a sense of gratification and excitement to see the seeds you have planted grow and flourish. Also, nothing tastes better than fresh veggies from the garden that you started with your own hands. I couldn’t imagine anything better for our astronauts than enjoying a taste of home and bringing back a sense of normalcy into their lives.