Giana’s Current Event


1-what does stress do to the brain?

*stress basically kills a lot of your brain cells because they are being over worked

2-what part of the brain does stress affect?

*the adrenal glands and the hypothalamus

3-how would you try to eliminate the stress in your brain?

*you would try to eliminate any unnesary  commitments

4-does caffeine help the stress go away during a test?

*no based on this – Coffee contains caffeine which is a basically a stimulant drug. And because it is a stimulant, it is possible it can cause problems like stress

5-is stress a good thing for most people?

* yes is a good thing based on this quote So, do yourself a favor and try something new, work on a music piece, go visit a different place, you know…stress yourself out, it’s kind of good for you!




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