Julia Burnett– Guiding Questions for Research


  • how has the diagnosis of ADHD in the US increased over the past 20 years?
  • how many of the people diagnosed with ADHD are prescribed drugs at some point during their treatment?
  • how does one get diagnosed with ADHD?
  • difference between ADHD in children and adults? numbers of adults with ADHD vs. children?
  • do people grow out of their ADHD? what percentage of people do?
  • when was ADHD discovered? how was it discovered? by whom?
  • what is going on neurologically in people with ADHD? manifestations of ADHD?
  • what drugs are currently on the market? how do these drugs work? side effects of the drugs?
  • possible theories why the sudden increase in diagnoses?
  • how does the diagnosis of ADHD in the US compare to the diagnosis of ADHD in other first world countries?
  • is there a stigma around ADHD? what is the cultural impact of ADHD? common misconceptions? stereotypes/prejudices? etc?
  • has increased awareness of the disorder contributed to the increase of diagnoses?

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