Q&A about babies learning in their sleep

Do you see any increase in babies intelligence after one nap?

There is a huge chunk of evidence to prove that babies are most likely to retain what they’ve learned while sleeping. A nap can also help for the effect to work.There are studies that say the “critical period” in early childhood effects of sleep restriction are harmful. This means that it can harm the child’s learning development. A babies intelligence can increase just from sleep or a nap.

Do babies learn from what they hear in the environment they sleep in?

Researchers at the University of Florida say that infants are constantly learning to respond to the world around them. “We found a basic form of learning in sleeping newborns…” said Dana Byrd, a research affiliate in psychology at who worked on the project. To test the theory, the researchers played repeating tones while 26 newborn babies were sleeping. They gently puffed their eyelids with air after the sound. Within 20 minutes, 24 of the babies learned to squeeze their eyelids together when they recognized the tones. This shows that about 92% of babies learn from the enviroment around them in their sleep.

How does not getting enough sleep effect babies learning?

Babies sleep for a total of 18 hours in a 24 hour period. Sleeping 3-4 hours at a time day or night. If babies don’t recieve the right amount of sleep, they wouldn’t be able to learn as effectively as they should. They would lack attention and it could affect their learning or actions latter in life. Not getting enough sleep can lead to serious problems for your child and is all too common in our society.

When babies sleep does it increase their 5 senses?

In order for eyesight to develop properly, the newborn baby needs to be able to see with both eyes. Studies have shown that the average person needs 5 hours of sleep for the eyes to renew. With sleep it can increase your sight; a lack of sleep can cause eye problems to occur. For hearing, it is proven that if you can not see, then you relay on your other senses, specifically hearing. For the blind , they mostly relay on their hearing to “see”. Just like how bats use sound to “see”, finding their way around the environment they’re in. When babies (anyone of any age) sleeps they hear everything, and they either pay attention to it (starting to dream about what they hear) or block it out. When babies were in the hearing experiment (sleeping), they listened to the tune playing, which is how they knew when to squeeze their eyes together since a puff of air came after the repetitive tune was played. Sleep can increase babies hearing. Touch and taste can’t really be increased by sleep. Babies can distinguish smells very well, especially their mother’s, mostly if they are breast fed since they are in skin-to-skin contact. Meaning that anyone, including babies can determine a smell with their eyes closed. If they are sleeping they can smell something good being cooked or baked or (if their mothers near) they can smell her. Smelling familiar scents while your eyes are closed or you’re sleeping, can increase the babies (or your scent). This way your recognizing the scent.

~Victoria A. Fischer


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