gianas new


                                                                                         A  Day In The Brain

By: Giana Fischer


One beautiful spring day, Samantha came to school and found out from one of her friends that she had to take a unit test in history. She had totally forgot about the test and didn’t really studying for it the day before.That day inside her brain there were two sides of her : the book smart side, that knows everything and the other side that was street smart and knew the key to having fun, and making friends. The fun side thought of the test as a fun new game and was competing with the smart side on doing the test. During the test, Samantha would at one moment focus and do her test and at other moments would make jokes and try to talk to her friends and be a clown in front the class. She would then keep going back and forth until her teacher pulled her to the side and told her that the class is taking a test: inside her brain there was a red alert problem where her brain started to melt down and the smart and fun side were forced to mixed together to become a team so that they could solve the problem. They needed both their smarts to fix this problem. They tried their best together to explain to the teacher that Samantha was just nervous about taking the test. After, both sides were proud and learned something new that day: they learned that teamwork is a good thing, and doing things your way alone won’t always work, but the test had another point of view upon Samantha’s two sides. It freaked out too and decided to run. The test later stopped and realized that it was important to Samantha and  was very reflective about  going back because the test had caught feelings for the fun side becoming more serious and didn’t like that and she had a problem that she couldn’t fix and couldn’t ,stop laughing and never wanted to stop laughing because he thought that the fun side was very funny and knew that the sides had collided and the fun side was now serious and didn’t want to be funny anymore but the test knew. So she had to suck it up because Samantha couldn’t fail and she to take the test  and in the end Samantha had gotten an A plus on her test. Samantha later searched up on Google her favorite search engine what the cause of the situation was and she watched a short film called brain divided she then looked more into it and found out that it had something to do with her glands and her brain cells. Her school later took a field trip to a science lab and they began touring the lab and Samantha asked a couple of questions at the end about how the brain works when you are stressed? and he told her it was because her amygdala gland that commands the amount of norepinephrine and dopamine that are created when people get stressed out shut down the functions of her prefrontal cortex , with that very information Samantha began to understand the works of the brain and why she freaked out the way she did the week before.


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