Telia’s Current event

A picture from a visual novel made in Ren'py

A picture from a visual novel made in Ren’py

Hello all! Telia here!  I am here to update you on what I’ve been doing in the Science Club for Girls (SCFG) Media Team! Today, we were researching our “personal topics” for our personal projects that we’ll be showcasing in a few months! My personal project will be a research on the technology behind the popular visual novel creator/video game designer Ren’py! All of us in the MT have researched and found, or well tried to find, three credible sources we can present this on. My current goal is to make this into a video, but I am willing to present to anyone anyway! Also, I have been working on my own video game in Ren’py called Malus. I am hoping to show that off with my presentation in the spring!

Here are the sources I am intending on using:

A woman who created a game on Steam through Ren’py